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Scott Bentley Weds Angie Bring

by the wedding party, family, & guests
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Kris Beckenbach - General Editor
Saturday, Apr 19, 2008 - 4:04:02 pm CDT

It all began with a 5-day free trial on and breakfast at the Summer Kitchen Café a month later.

"I was totally distracted the rest of the day," Scott later said.

Scott & Angie Bentley
(Photo by staff photographer Kristina Wood.)

"I remember the evening after their first date," Angie's brother Chad recalls, "they were texting, and each time her phone would beep, she would have this wide grin on her face, then she would casually open the phone, quietly read the text, and laugh harder than I have ever seen her laugh."

Twelve months later, after 100s of text messages, instant messages, emails, and a few visits - Angie and Scott realized that God had ordained for them to spend the rest of their lives together.

Just after 2:00 on Saturday, April 19 everyone stood as Lee Bring escorted his radiant daughter Angie down the aisle of Calvary Community Church. The wedding was attended by 200 guests at the church at First & Superior in Lincoln, for Angie Suzanne Bring and Scott Christopher Bentley, both who reside in Winter Park, Florida.

"Spring was the theme for Scott and Angie’s special day. The warm, sunny, spring weather made for a wonderful, white wedding day!" according to Virginia Wear, friend of the bride and vocalist. Her performance of, “I Am” was a wonderful part of the remarkable ceremony.

"I thought (having the congregation join in singing) 'How Great Thou Art' was a nice touch; we were able to witness first hand that day how great He truly is, and He deserved all the glory for it," said best man Kris Anderson.

"After several days of chilly, cloudy weather, and within just hours of the ceremony, the sun broke through to produce a brilliant and warm day. It was as if God wanted to emphasize, through the weather, how much He desires to be involved in, and bless and encourage Scott and Angie's great adventure in marriage," said host Sondra Michaels.

Parents of the bride Lee & Rita Bring of Lincoln, and parents of the groom are Dean & Melba Bentley of Council Bluffs, Iowa were all delighted to be a part of this wonderful day.

The wedding party:
Jennifer Abegg - friend of the bride/maid of honor
Jennifer Friesen - friend of the bride
Kourtney Street - friend of the bride
Lisa Britzius - friend of the bride
Colleen Jablonski - friend of the bride
Kimberly Connolly - friend of the bride/sister of the groom

Kris Anderson - friend of the groom/best man
Chris Connolly - friend of the groom/brother-in-law of the groom
Bill Tattersall - friend of the groom
Tom Focken - friend of the groom
Kregg Clemens - friend of the groom
Brian Tackett - friend of the groom
Chad Bring - friend of the groom/brother of the bride

Friend and punch server Tosca Lee said, "I have never seen Angie look more beautiful, and have never seen a groom more moved by her appearance in the aisle. Truly beautiful."

Becky Lamb who was in charge of decorating the reception area said, "What a romantic ceremony! When Angie walked in the sanctuary and Scott saw her for the first time, his bottom lip quivered! He was trying so hard to keep his emotions in check, I almost started crying myself. And the way those two stared at each other the entire ceremony, they obviously, only have eyes for each other. Love is wonderful!"

"Gorgeous, glowing, happy, calm, excited, graceful, cheerful, fun and FABULOUS are just a few words to describe the bride. Angie was picture perfect in her dress." said Wear.

Bridesmaid and long time friend Jennifer Friesen said, "I had the honor of shopping for wedding dresses with Angie, and she looked fabulous in everything she tried on, but the dress that she chose... full of shimmer and sparkles and the intricate lace-up back... was a perfect match for Angie - inside and out. She was radiantly beautiful!"

"The string trio had a beautiful sound. These young people showed a lot of maturity in their playing," said pianist Jane Moore.

Amber Tackett, wife of groomsman Brian Tackett said, "I thought it was a beautiful ceremony. I loved the vows that they had written. I thought it was awesome how they kept God at the center of everything - you could totally see their love for Christ and for each other - What a great testimony. It was probably the best wedding I had been to (except my own)! Congrats!!"

Frequently overheard comment of the day, "I loved the simplicity!"

Angie & Scott's friend Keith Davy was honored to make the journey from Florida to officiate. Angie and Scott exchanged smiles, vows, and rings. There was a beautiful moment when Keith was praying for the couple and they were so close their faces were touching. It was a lovely picture of their bond in Christ. They were pronounced man and wife, kissed, and introduced as the Bentleys to a sanctuary of applause. Angie & Scott ushered out the guests while guests enjoyed pictures of the newlyweds.

"Angie and Scott were looking into each other’s eyes so intimately as they said their vows that I felt like I was a voyeur,” said maid of honor, Jennifer Abegg. "You can tell they really love each other."

"The weather couldn’t have been more perfect for their special day. It was so much fun to watch the kids flying their kites... as well as Angie and Scott! I’m sure they have some great pictures of the two of them running in their formal wear, trying to get their kites off the ground!" quipped personal attendant, Amanda Stephens.

One guest was heard to comment: "Isn't it beautiful when people follow God's plan for their lives? There's nothing but joy, no clouds of wonder over this marriage."

Personal attendant Amanda Stephens said, "The slide show of Angie and Scott and their families was a special touch. That was the time when I began to really tear up, looking at pictures of their story unfolding and envisioning the future that God might have for them as a couple."

The Reception:
Angie's brother Chad said, "One of my fondest memories was seeing my dad and Angie dance while they talked and laughed."

Lee Bring, father of the bride said, "I loved our dance together as married daughter and father. I can't tell you what song it was or the words to it, I was too busy talking to my beautiful daughter."

The reception hall was beautifully decorated in fresh green tones by Becky Lamb. Emcee'd by Robert Michaels the party featured toasts, a lovely catered meal, and everyone’s favorite; cake. "The cake was masterfully crafted in a leaf motif. Pictures of the Scott and Angie’s parent’s weddings adorned the cake table along with rose petals and the word LOVE," according to Kris Beckenbach.

Scott's father Dean Bentley was overheard saying to Greg, "I’ll take the Prime Rib.” Also overheard, "Wow...the food was just amazing!" After a joyous time of sharing with guests, the newlyweds left for Lake Tahoe.

Someone was overheard saying, "I have never experienced a "sending off" with a prayer circle - very appropriate!"

Amanda Stephens also added, "What a sweet send-off! It was so special for those of us left to be able to gather around Scott and Angie and to pray for them. It really brought the day full circle. We gathered in prayer around Angie before she walked down the aisle and it was great to end the day doing the same thing for them both. Oh, and it was so funny that one of the cute, little girls at the send-off was passing out rocks to everyone. Who needs rose petals or bubbles when you can throw rocks at the newlyweds?"

"It was a wonderful, amazing day! The weather was almost as beautiful as Angie. I have never seen her look so happy!! I thought it was terrific how so many people who love Scott and Angie came together to make their day so special. It truly was a labor of love. I am so blessed that I was able to be there to share in it with them." Lisa Britzius, Bridesmaid. This reporter couldn’t agree more, we were all blessed.

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